Free Stuff From The White House Coming Soon

March 17, 2017

by Autumn Lakeland


Fox news reported that Donald Trump’s approval rating went down five points in less than a month. And when Fox News has something bad to say about our new Commander-in-Chief then you know it has to be devastatingly humiliating to Trump and his cabinet. Obviously there are many reasons why his numbers are dwindling and, with all things considered, this must be a realization moment for the new administration and especially The Donald.

With a narcissist at the helm of our country this has to be extremely bothersome. So how does Trump win the heart of American citizens? For a con man, a charlatan and a grifter it’s easy. Just give the people what they want and we all know what American citizens love more than anything,  free stuff!


We will see the White House turned into a reality TV show called, Make Trump Great Again or some other catchy title where he’ll offer the American people lottery-like money and prizes. Perhaps it will be a spin-off of The Apprentice, the American citizens version where one would prove their worthiness to work for his government by compromising their morals,ethics and dignity.

It would be a great offering on his part to get people on both sides to start thinking, “Hey, this guy’s not so bad! He’s offering regular folks just like you and me money, prizes and important jobs.  No other president has done this before!”

And this fits Trump’s modus operandi. If he can’t get people to like him with his charm and personality then he can simply buy them. And while he relishes in those expressing their appreciation others may realize that the money wouldn’t be coming from Trump’s own pocketbook. Of course not! That’s the beauty of his plan.  The American people would ultimately be funding their own gifts! This is Trump’s favorite idiom, pulling the wool over your eyes. But don’t worry because you are guaranteed that he will entertain you like the great game show host he is.

This will also serve the people who voted for him who wanted Washington to do something for them. It would be fun and exciting plus it would be a great distraction. And that’s the second thing America wants more than anything, entertainment.

So watch for the show,  good luck, and have fun while he watches his numbers increase.

The pomposity of the Alpha class is lost on the willfully ignorant. –Autumn Lakeland